October 9, 2009


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When I first launched this site, this page did not exist. Screenhog.com was a lone island, not admitting the existence of other websites. That has now changed… here, for your viewing pleasure, is an incomplete list of sites that I have at least sometimes found amusing:

Web Comics

  • BrawlInTheFamily.com – Roughly-drawn characters from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. More enjoyable than it has any right to be.
  • DandyAndCompany.com – A comic with a Looney Tunes-esque art style about a boy and the dog that loves to prank him.
  • FilibusterCartoons.com – The only online political cartoon I’ve ever seen that was good enough to make me want to come back.
  • Gpf-Comics.com – One of the Internet’s longest-running comic strips. Best to read this one from the beginning, if you have a few days of free time handy.
  • Nedroid.com – Quirky, abstract, absurd humor, with a main character named Bear-tato.
  • SilentKimbly.com – The main character never talks, but the punchline is always a pun (and usually a groaner). High cuteness factor.
  • TheBookOfBiff.com – The many adventures of a man named Biff. Oh, look, he’s set himself on fire again…

Video Games

  • Gamasutra.com – A much better site than the name of it implies… full of game developer articles and industry news
  • GameFAQs.com – Stuck in a video game. Chances are, this place will help you get out of it.
  • Joystiq.com – My main source for video game news.
  • Nintendo.Joystiq.com – Basically the same site as above, except that this page is Nintendo-only news. I go here more frequently, simply because the two current-generation consoles I care most about are made by Nintendo.

Notable People

  • Keith Lango – Lead animator for Veggie-Tales for quite awhile. Very talented. Highly opinionated.
  • Phil Vischer – The creator of Veggie-Tales. I have a great deal of respect for this man, and hope that his newest project, JellyTelly, takes off big-time.
  • Raph Koster – Dissecting games – specifically virtual worlds – and figuring out what makes them tick is his main claim to fame. Very insightful.
  • Lance Priebe (Rocketsnail.com) – The person who hired me at my current job.
  • Timothy Hodge – The blog of this guy. He does a variety of artistic things, rather than sticking to just one field. I can appreciate that. :)


  • Animated-News.com – Headlines from around the world of all things animated.
  • Animated-Views.com – Sister site to Animated-News. Reviews and behind-the-scenes of animated film.
  • AWN.com – Animation World Network.
  • HomestarRunner.com – Everybody loves the Homestar Runner… he’s a terrific athlete. Classic web cartoon, and it’s still going!
  • JimHillMedia.com – Generally Disney-themed articles, posted many times per week. Legendary Disney animator Floyd Norman posts there sometimes.

Free Time-Wasters

  • ArmorGames.com – Some of the best free Flash games on the Internet are found right here.
  • Dice Wars – 15-minute Risk, with dice as your troops.
  • FantasticContraption.com – The most fun I’ve ever had in a free physics simulation game.
  • Kongregate.com – Free Flash games, and lots of them.
  • Urladex.com – Trade websites like it’s a stock market. The more popular the site is, the more valuable its stocks are worth.

More will be added to this list later as I realize which sites I missed.

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