June 27, 2009

Movies + Characters

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How well do you know Disney/Pixar movies? The jumbles of letters below each contain the name of a movie made by Disney or Pixar, along with one of the characters, but the words are mixed together. For instance, if the clue was LAITTLREMERIMEAIDL, the answer would be “Little Mermaid” and “Ariel” (I put the letters of “Ariel” in bold so that it would be easier to see).

Can you figure out the other movies and characters?

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May 29, 2009

The “Up” Puzzle

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To celebrate the fact that Pixar’s Up is coming into theaters today, here’s a puzzle where all of the answers have the word “up” in them. Enjoy!

_ U P _ _ _ _ _ Kryptonite-fearing man of steel
_ _ _ _ _ _ U P _ Start talking in the middle of a conversation
_ _ U P Restaruant side dish choice
_ _ _ _ _ U P _ _ _ _ Five identical siblings
_ U P _ _ Love-maker of mythology
_ _ _ _ – U P Gym class exercise
_ _ _ _ _ U P Put your foot into this when you’re riding a horse
_ U P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Brand of plastic containers
U P _ _ _ _ _ _ Type of punch in boxing
_ U P _ _ _ Kermit or Miss Piggy
_ _ _ U P Bunch of people
_ U P _ _ _ Evening meal
_ _ _ _ U P You can ride and spin in one of these in Disneyland
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ U P _ _ _ _ Big Bird’s brown buddy
_ _ _ U P _ Sudden, without warning

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May 10, 2009

Stretch Words – Movies

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In this puzzle, the words only go across, not down. Some of the letters in each word will stretch across to other words, as shown with the words SHREK and SCREAM. When you’re finished, every word will be used.

Click on the puzzle if you’d like a longer version for printing out. Click here for the solution.

April 24, 2009

Disney Character Ambigrams

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Pooh and Tigger

Aladdin and Jasmine

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

That last one was the hardest… “Peter” became “erbell” pretty easily, but “Pan” and “Tink” do not flip particularly well.

April 9, 2009

Puzzle – Bird’s Nest

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Move from circle to circle, trying to find the bird names listed on the right. The circles must touch each other, and you’ll never use the same circle twice in one word. The first one has been done for you.

Ironically, there are no penguins in this puzzle.

April 2, 2009

Puzzle – Internet Mix-Up

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Below are the logos of 10 different popular sites on the Internet. However, the logos have some letters missing and the other letters rearranged into English words. If you can figure out at least 8 of them, it’s safe to say you know your way around the Internet.

(If you’re stuck, just click on the image you don’t know the answer to.)

March 12, 2009

Puzzle – Blocked Words

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To solve this puzzle, you must figure out the names of different musical instruments. Each instrument has its own mini-puzzle, with five different clues. Get the correct answers to each of the five clues, and the instrument will reveal itself with the letters that you’ve used.

The first puzzle has been done for you as an example. Can you figure out the rest?

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February 26, 2009

Backward Plots of Tabletop Games

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There was a fun Internet game that I saw yesterday. What you had to do was write a short plot of a movie if that movie had been watched in reverse. For instance, the plot of Jaws would be “Man-eating shark spits people onto a beach until officials are finally forced to open it”, and the plot of Twister would be “Large whirlwind travels over destroyed areas of the central United States, fixing the damage and gently placing buildings and cows on the ground”.

Someone on that Internet site decided to start doing the same things with video games, and since that was also a success, I’m doing it with tabletop games. Below are 10 backwards plots of games that can be played without a computer. Can you figure out what all of the games are?

  1. Blocks assemble themselves into the tallest tower possible, before condensing themselves into a much more stable tower one-by-one.
  2. Common words and phrases are spoken, suddenly appearing on cards as phonetically similar words.
  3. Several successful entrepeneurs go on a cross-country road trip, losing their children, their spouse, their investments, and their job, before becoming college drop-outs.
  4. A nicely organized group of cards separates themselves; some of them go into lines of cards of various sizes, while most travel three-by-three into a much larger group.
  5. The ruler of the world, with a huge force of troops in Australia, decides to slowly donate his land to several other conquerors through a series of dice rolls.
  6. Two nations are in disarray. The king of one of those nations stands up, and both nations slowly assemble themselves on opposite sides of the country.
  7. A small town in France gets smaller and smaller, losing its population before it disappears entirely.
  8. Surgeons slowly put bones into the body a red-nosed man until he finds himself in horrible pain.
  9. Four big-mouthed pachyderms sit around a table, spitting up marbles.
  10. A team of people yell out random words which are then erased from pads of paper that had visual representations of those words on them.

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February 14, 2009

Become a Chemical Compound!

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As proof of my sporadic geekiness, I submit the following little time-waster:

Want to know the logic behind this?
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February 6, 2009

Fun with Charts

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If you’re someone who’s prone to looking for the latest bit of amusing timewasters on the Internet, you’ve probably come across “I Can Haz Cheezburger”, makers of Lolcats, Loldogs, Failblog, and many other things that are usually funny (and sometimes very, very not).

Anyway, there’s one called Fun With Charts, and… well, I couldn’t resist:

funny pictures

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