May 25, 2012


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I’ve been working on a game made in Unity 3D. In it, you defend sheep from asteroids using the stars of the night sky. The codename for it right now is GLEAM, and here’s the first public screenshot of it:

It’s still being built, and much of the art you see here is temporary. However, if it looks interesting to you, tell me in the comments! If there’s enough interest, I’ll put up a version of it that you can beta test.

October 31, 2009

Sculpey Head

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I decided to challenge myself to work in an artistic medium that I very rarely use… sculpture. I figured it would be an interesting change of pace, so I got out my batch of Sculpey and made this:

Unfortunately, I’m not a great photographer, but hopefully you get the idea… the head of a guy with a big smirk on his face.

Oh, incidentally, if you are at all interested in sculpture yourself, you really owe it to yourself to pick up some Sculpey. It’s pretty expensive stuff, but it’s the best thing I’ve ever found to sculpt with, for two reasons. First, it never dries. Ever. The Sculpey I used for this is 5 years old, and after about 10 minutes of kneading it in my hands, it was ready to go (unlike clay, which dries out ridiculously fast). Secondly, if you want to keep your sculpture, you just bake it in your oven. Easy as that (check online for baking instructions).

Anyway, that’s that. Maybe I’ll try and make the same head in Blender 3D sometime.

August 3, 2009

Screenhog in 3D

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Over the last few months, I’ve been checking out 3D again. I’ve been trained in programs like 3D Studio Max and Softimage XSI, but haven’t pursued them much on my own time due to the expense of the programs. Then, I found out about Blender, an Open Source 3D program that’s absolutely free.

Of course, I couldn’t go very long in a new program without trying to make Screenhog in it, so here he is:

I’m fairly impressed with Blender as a program, although it runs counter-intuitive to most 3D packages. The first few times I tried making anything in it were very frustrating, and it was only after finding this site that I really was able to start understanding how the program worked.

I recommend Blender for anyone who wants to try their hand at 3D, with the warning that it takes a lot of practice and fine-tuning to make anything worth showing other people.

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