March 24, 2012


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Random sketchbook comic from about two months ago.

I’m not entirely happy with it, to be honest. I feel like the punchline could have been written much stronger. Oh well.

March 9, 2012

Hour One

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In 2003, I heard about the show “24″, in which each season has 24 episodes, each being the next consecutive hour of a day. It inspired me with an idea… what if there was a 24-hour comic strip? No, not a traditional 24-hour comic (although I greatly respect any who completes one of those). No… a comic where each new strip is the next minute of a day, making 1440 comics in total by the time that day is done.

So, I started the comic. And here it is, with all the strips that I actually finished:

Hour 1 - Comic 1

Hour 1 - Comic 2

Hour 1 - Comic 3

Hour 1 - Comic 4

Hour 1 - Comic 5

And… that was all I wrote. Want to know how the rest of the comic would have gone?
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