February 27, 2009

POLL: What do you come here for?

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It has occured to me that I have no idea what it is people like most about Screenhog.com. What do you keep coming back for? Comics? Games? Music?

So, if you would, please vote for your favorite thing(s) about Screenhog.com. (you can vote for more than one)

What do you look forward to seeing most when you come here?

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February 26, 2009

Backward Plots of Tabletop Games

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There was a fun Internet game that I saw yesterday. What you had to do was write a short plot of a movie if that movie had been watched in reverse. For instance, the plot of Jaws would be “Man-eating shark spits people onto a beach until officials are finally forced to open it”, and the plot of Twister would be “Large whirlwind travels over destroyed areas of the central United States, fixing the damage and gently placing buildings and cows on the ground”.

Someone on that Internet site decided to start doing the same things with video games, and since that was also a success, I’m doing it with tabletop games. Below are 10 backwards plots of games that can be played without a computer. Can you figure out what all of the games are?

  1. Blocks assemble themselves into the tallest tower possible, before condensing themselves into a much more stable tower one-by-one.
  2. Common words and phrases are spoken, suddenly appearing on cards as phonetically similar words.
  3. Several successful entrepeneurs go on a cross-country road trip, losing their children, their spouse, their investments, and their job, before becoming college drop-outs.
  4. A nicely organized group of cards separates themselves; some of them go into lines of cards of various sizes, while most travel three-by-three into a much larger group.
  5. The ruler of the world, with a huge force of troops in Australia, decides to slowly donate his land to several other conquerors through a series of dice rolls.
  6. Two nations are in disarray. The king of one of those nations stands up, and both nations slowly assemble themselves on opposite sides of the country.
  7. A small town in France gets smaller and smaller, losing its population before it disappears entirely.
  8. Surgeons slowly put bones into the body a red-nosed man until he finds himself in horrible pain.
  9. Four big-mouthed pachyderms sit around a table, spitting up marbles.
  10. A team of people yell out random words which are then erased from pads of paper that had visual representations of those words on them.

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February 25, 2009

Marvin the Martian

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For some unknown reason, this guy popped into my head this morning, so that’s what I drew:

A few notes:

  • For all of you budding artists out there, if you need to color something black with pencil, make sure that you wait until the very end of your drawing to do it. Otherwise your fingers will get into it when you’re drawing other things and start leaving smudge marks everywhere.
  • I think every artist has a preferred size that they draw. Some draw very large, and can’t fit their whole artistic vision on a regular sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 paper. For me, though, I will usually draw five or six things on a sheet of paper that size. While this has some advantages (thumbnail drawings, storyboard, etc.) I think I have to learn to feel more comfortable drawing bigger.
  • Marvin the Martian’s costume, so I have learned, was based on the character Mars from Roman mythology. His face, I assume, was not.

February 21, 2009

Game Review: Carcassonne

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When I had first heard of Carcassonne, I had assumed that it was basically a Middle Ages variation of Risk. After all, it’s a game in which you put your pieces on the board, taking over various roads, cities, and other areas of the countryside, and the first two syllables of its name were “Carcass”.

However, I was mistaken. First off, you don’t start off with a static board. The board is made up entirely of square tiles that are built up as you go. Plus, there is no element of removing your opponent’s men. This is purely a strategic building game, and is much shorter than the average game of Risk.

In the game, you are constructing the southern French city of Carcassonne, one tile at a time. The tiles have pieces of roads, cities, and/or fields on them, along with the occasional cloister (monastery). Every time you place a tile, you have the option of playing one of your 7 followers on the tile you just played, claiming a road segment, city segment, field segment, or cloister. Once you’ve placed a follower, he stays there until the road, city, or cloister gets finished (if you place your follower on a field, he doesn’t leave until the end of the game). For every road, city, or cloister that gets finished, the follower on it earns points. Your goal is to get more points than your opponent(s).
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February 20, 2009

JiA #15

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Sea urchins are pretty bad merry-go-round animals, too

February 14, 2009

Become a Chemical Compound!

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As proof of my sporadic geekiness, I submit the following little time-waster:

Want to know the logic behind this?
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February 7, 2009

Art Challenge – David and Goliath

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The art challenge at work for Monday is “David and Goliath”, and while it was meant more figuratively, as in an underdog story, I decided to go completely literal with it:

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February 6, 2009

Fun with Charts

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If you’re someone who’s prone to looking for the latest bit of amusing timewasters on the Internet, you’ve probably come across “I Can Haz Cheezburger”, makers of Lolcats, Loldogs, Failblog, and many other things that are usually funny (and sometimes very, very not).

Anyway, there’s one called Fun With Charts, and… well, I couldn’t resist:

funny pictures

February 2, 2009

JiA #14

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Fishing with a broom... or something

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